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Newforez > Angleterre > Welcome to the new members from UK!

Ecrit par: yaro mardi 25 avril 2006, 21:06

Welcome in the cists fellowship to the new hiders and seekers flowers.gif
If you find your-self unconfortable with this new game, feel free to send me a private mail, I will do my best to help you.


Ecrit par: Cherokee-Chief vendredi 03 novembre 2006, 13:07
Hello Yaro,

I just started a forum in English, come and check it out. cool.gif

And register on the forum, we need all the English speaking cisters we can get for this forum to be a success wink.gif



Ecrit par: Cherokee-Chief vendredi 03 novembre 2006, 13:23
blush2.gif Oops, I forgot




Ecrit par: monting samedi 04 novembre 2006, 18:28
just a question, what's for to be registered in england when you live in france or germany or somewhere else ???

Ecrit par: Cherokee-Chief lundi 06 novembre 2006, 23:37
You may want to visit England one day, No ? dry.gif


Ecrit par: Cherokee-Chief mardi 07 novembre 2006, 08:23
To help new cisters in England who only speak English and have questions or problems wink.gif

And to communicate in general with cisters in England biggrin.gif

bye bye,


Ecrit par: sydney samedi 11 novembre 2006, 21:47

I'm a cisteuse in England but I don't speak English very well. Do i have to speak english all the time on this forum? rolleyes.gif
I know it will be better to improve my english level wink.gif but If I have a very specific question, it will be probably a bit difficult for me to explain my problem, isn't it? crying.gif

Ecrit par: Cherokee-Chief jeudi 16 novembre 2006, 19:52
Hi Sydney,

Come to the forum in English to improve your English, and if you have a problem you cannot explain in English you can put that on the French forum. rolleyes.gif

See you,


Ecrit par: les chercheurs jeudi 15 mai 2008, 22:35
I arrived in Sheffield 2 weeks ago. I want to search cistes in England but there is no ciste in Sheffield. If anyone knows cistes in this area, please let me know. I will probably hide cistes near Sheffield and its countryside.

Ecrit par: Cherokee-Chief mardi 19 août 2008, 08:33
If you post this on the forum in English you may get more answers. wink.gif

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